Christian Church of God - Grand Junction, Colorado

Considering the current stressful situations among our scattered brethren, we thought it appropriate to make you aware that the Christian Church of God is a welcoming fellowship for any who seek to share the love of the Truth and seek to mutually support one another. As the ‘time of Jacob’s Trouble’ looms, the admonition found in Malachi 3:16 becomes increasingly important to each of us. One need not separate from any other affiliation to be welcome among us, so long as they sincerely believe in, love and humbly seek to obey our Lord and Savior. The fellowship we enjoy is not based upon allegiance to an organization, but based upon the love of God.

  • Holy Day Schedule

    We will be keeping the God Ordained holy days in 2021, which start with Passover service the evening of Friday, March 26th. Passover day is Saturday, March 27.

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  • Weekly Sabbath Service

    We observe Sabbath each week at 11 am Saturday.

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    The Christian Church of God is non-denominational and autonomous, not being affiliated with any other religious or secular organization, but values fellowship with all those of like persuasion.

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Biblical Truths We Hold

Does any modern religious creed preserve and teach the fundamental beliefs held by earliest christians, those disciples who interacted with the original disciples and who were taught the words of our Lord? What about the warning at the end of the Book of Revelation against two basic tendencies: not adding to and not taking away from the words of its prophecy?

Here we have listed several foundational truths that remain after centuries of disrespect of scripture!

  1. The world isn’t going to end (as is claimed) anytime soon
  2. Individuals not called during their lifetimes are not ‘lost’ forever
  3. The ‘Rapture’ (as it’s often called) will occur AFTER the tribulation
  4. Heaven is not where God’s Called and Chosen are to spend all eternity
  5. The Moral Law is a vital component of the New Covenant
  6. The Jews are not the only descendants of the Ancient Nation of Israel
  7. The God who dealt with Ancient Israel was not who WE know as “the Father”
  8. The Seventh Day Sabbath has Past, Present and Future Significance

Our Scripture Based Beliefs

We Believe:

  1. in God the Father, eternally existing, Jesus Christ His Son through whom He created all things, and the Holy Spirit as the power of God. Details
  2. that the Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God.
  3. that the 10 commandments are in effect today as a set of instructions and God’s code of conduct. Details
  4. that salvation comes through grace alone and that we will be rewarded according to our works. Details
  5. that transgression of the law is sin, the penalty for sin is death and that penalty was paid by Jesus Christ on the cross.
  6. that the Sabbath is the seventh day, from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset Details
  7. that the annual holy days as described in Leviticus 23 picture the plan of God for mankind.
  8. that Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for our sins, then rose from earthly tomb after 3 days and 3 nights and now sits at the right hand of God.
  9. in baptism by immersion following repentance of sins and the necessity of the receipt of the holy spirit by laying-on of hands.Details
  10. in 3 resurrections: the righteous to everlasting life; the uncalled to a resurrection of physical life (following the Millennium); and the incorrigibly wicked to everlasting death in the lake of fire. Details
  11. in the pre-millennium, post wrath, return of Jesus Christ. That He will set up His kingdom and that the saints will reign with Him for 1,000 years. We believe that Christ will return to establish His Kingdom following the Great Tribulation.
  12. in the Biblical dietary laws regarding clean and unclean meats; that these laws were given for our health.
  13. in giving of tithes and free will offerings.

Do you understand these important Biblical topics:

  • The Resurrections from the Dead and Eternal Judgment
  • God’s Holy Spirit: the Divine Nature
  • Understanding the Millennial KINGDOM of God
  • Beyond Armageddon and the Final Judgment of the World
  • Considering the END-TIME Church and its being made Ready Thru Adversities
  • How to Correctly Identify the TRUE CHURCH
  • The Sacred Calendar - Division or Unity
  • GNOSTICISM and the New Testament Church
  • Celebrating the PROMISED LAND and the Wave Sheaf Offering
  • The Feasts of the LORD revealing the PLAN of Redemption
  • How Many Beings are in the GODHEAD? (Is Jesus God?)
  • Apocalypse: revelation of Jesus Christ

Each of these topics are presented in detail in booklets available free of charge.
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WHY "the End of the World" didn't happen as Predicted!

The ‘end of the world’ is a misnomer, presenting believers with a severely distorted scenario. Such predictions are always proved wrong and uneventfully pass by for substantial reasons!

“Armageddon” is not the ‘end of the world’ but rather a battle that will see victors, losers and survivors! “Apocalypse” is not a word that means “destruction”, but rather a Greek word meaning “a revealing”. The ‘end of this world’, as the Bible describes it, is not the destruction of all life on earth. The Biblical description of the ‘end of this age’ first involves a time of unprecedented Tribulation. Great Tribulations precede what believers call ‘the end of the world’ (this evil world as we know it.) God’s two witnesses will powerfully prophesy for 3-1/2 years prior to Christ’s Second Coming. These two witnesses will have world wide media exposure and dominate the news for years! The Great Tribulation period will end with the Second Coming of Christ with His resurrected Saints. ( The Second Coming and the First Resurrection is regarded by some as “the Rapture”! ) The Second Coming will begin the righteous 1000 year world ruling Kingdom of God on Earth. Humanity will enjoy another 1000+ years of peace and prosperity beyond the Tribulation period. The REAL “end of the world” will culminate with a life-or-death sentencing of all who have ever lived. That Final Sentencing will occur more than 1000 years after the Second Coming.

Feast of Tabernacles

Speaker at FeastWe are pleased to invite all brethren who are called to God’s truth and purpose to join us for Feast-keeping.

Invited speakers base their messages on the abundant scriptures which reveal the plan our awesome God has for the salvation of mankind.

Keeping the Feast each year advances our understanding of Scripture. And where else is it possible to enjoy fellowship, spiritual conversation and the fat of the land all at once! Only at God’s appointed Feasts.

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Additional Activities

  • Monthly Bible Studies: These held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at EastMeadow Hall, E & 32 Roads, Grand Junction, 7:00 pm. Bible Studies are open to the public, are interactive, addressing subjects of interest to the attendees.
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  • Publishing: Pastor Del Leger authors and publishes a number of instructional booklets acquainting the Truth seeker with the fundamentals of our beliefs and addressing the questions often asked by the general churchgoing public. We also provide articles covering a wide range of relevant Biblical topics.
  • Radio Broadcasts: Each Sunday in Grand Junction (KNZZ @ 7 am) and in Glenwood Springs (KGLN @ 10 am) we sponsor Ronald Dart's Radio Broadcast "Born to Win".
  • Internet Websites: The congregation operates three websites:, and presenting audio messages, articles and information regarding our beliefs and activities. These websites have proven to be useful in making contact with scattered brethren and new people seeking fellowship and answers to important life questions
  • Quarterly Newsletter: Generally in advance of each holyday season, our local congregation newsletter is sent out to our mailing list, called "Echoes of the Word". To request your free copy, or other literature, contact:
  • African Missions: We provide gospel teaching materials and local counseling to several small groups in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. This work is assisted by co-workers based in Kenya.
  • Mailing List: We maintain regular contact with a significant number of brethren around the world, many of whom support our outreach ministry, both prayerfully and financially.

Q and A PromoMany, who are discovering the Truths of God’s Word, find what is plainly stated in Scripture to be very different from what they had been taught in the religions in which they grew up. We here, in this presentation, consider many questions received from such individuals, without any reservations against providing answers that at times differ with orthodoxy. This booklet begins by presenting a four page Self-Study Guide taking the reader thru many Basic Biblical Teachings, and following that, forty pages of insightful / thought provoking questions submitted by new brethren, many from Africa. It serves as an introduction to the Truths of God’s Word, not taught by all Main Stream religions, but which are Fundamental in explaining God’s Redemptive PLAN for ALL of Humanity. If you have questions regarding any of these references, you may email us at: or write: P.O. Box 2111, Grand junction, Co 81502 to join us for Feast-keeping.